Domestic Plumbing

Plumbers are professionals, trained to deal with the web of water and gas pipes that are hidden in your home. This web of domestic plumbing pipes are constantly under high pressure. Think about how much water can shoot out of a tap when it’s turned on fully, you don’t want that amount of water leaking into the wall cavities of your home.

M.J.Harris Plumbing are a team of licensed professionals with pride in the work they do. Having completed many successful plumbing installation and repairs through out Melbourne, they have seen it all. It doesn’t matter if your home has solid brick walls or stud walls, our team have the expertise and equipment to complete your job to a level we know you’ll be more than happy with.

Combined with the M.J.Harris Group, means that we can also take care of patching, plastering and mending any walls that may have been damaged during the plumbing works. With our own in house Carpenters, Plasterers, Electricians and Painters, we can ensure we leave your home as good as new.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen or bathroom renovation and stuck for ideas, our team at M.J.Harris Design can help. With M.J.Harris, we can offer you a complete renovation package.