New Installation

Most of the work for any plumbing installation in your home is never seen. There’s the taps, showers, basins and sinks, but before they are connected, all the ‘hidden’ work needs to be in the right position.

M.J.Harris Plumbing take the time to ensure that when any new pipework is installed in your home, it is in the right place. So vanities, sinks, showers and baths are all in the right position when the build or renovation is finished.

Good design and thorough planning go hand in hand with M.J.Harris Plumbing. With any new build or renovation, thought and planing need to go into the design. Working together with our entire team at the M.J.Harris Group, there is no need for any outside trades. We take care of every step of the build, from start to finish with our Design team, CarpentersElectriciansPainters and Plasterers.

Plumbing Installation with M.J.Harris is a guarantee of success.