Saving Water

Using and saving water at home

Melburnians collectively consume an average of 980 million litres of water per day. Most of that water used by us, is in our homes and gardens.

While Victoria has enjoyed increased rainfall in the last few years, we remain in an uncertain climate. Making changes around the house can have a big impact on our water supplies and allows us to be well prepared for the future.

Install a rainwater tank

Capturing rainwater to use in your garden is an excellent way to reduce the amount of drinking water you use from our reservoirs. M.J.Harris Plumbing can advise you if a rainwater tank is recommended for your area. Tanks are available in a various sizes and styles so before you buy, get one of our team to determine which tank is best for your needs, or check this fact sheet from Melbourne Water.

Buy a water-efficient washing machine

If you’re buying a new washing machine, make sure it has at least a five-star water efficiency rating and four-star energy rating. Front-loading washing machines are usually the most water efficient, using up to 50% less water.

Install a water-efficient showerhead or dual flush toilet

You can save over 10,000 litres of water per person each year by installing a water efficient showerhead, (based on a seven minute shower average).

For a family of four, installing a dual flush toilet can save more than 35,000 litres of water a year.

There are many ways M.J.Harris can assist you to save water, including using your grey water.

Check out the government rebate programs available for other water saving tips.